The Fund purpose is to have a diversified portfolio of malls in terms of location, GLA (gross located area), participation in ventures, consumer profile and mall administrator.

The Vinci Shopping Centers FI adopts a flexible acquisition strategy, with preference for the following characteristics:

  • Located in urban centers, where land scarcity and prices are natural barriers to the development of new entrants;
  • Cities with more than 250,000 inhabitants;
  • Regions with qualified demand in the area of influence of the mall compatible with the gross marketable area of the venture, considered established and under development peers;
  • Gross marketable area of more than 15,000 sqm;
  • Developments with real growth potential through management policies


In the case of acquisition of minority interests, the Fund seeks to identify and, when applicable, negotiate governance conditions that ensure that the Fund will have rights over the mall’s strategic decisions.

The Fund does not carry out development of greenfield malls and focus it’s growth strategy through acquisitions.


Competitive Advantages

Portfolio Growth Strategy Focused on Acquisitions
Flexible Acquisition Strategy
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